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A software development platform is a collection of parts and pieces of software code that can help you reach your market goals for a web or mobile application by reducing the expenses associated with the basic infrastructure of a mobile or web application.

When considering the development of a mobile or web application there are many components that are often overlooked when designing the concept for your application. These features are common to most mobile and web applications, and typically require a significant amount of development time.

This includes basic expected features like:

The ability to login and signup for the application

The ability to reset passwords

The ability to get reminders and notifications

The ability to send text messages or emails

The ability to deal with user accounts or rights

The ability to access administration data from the web

Navigation through the app

Dashboards and data reporting

With a platform many of these simple concepts are included, and your application and the look and feel for it can be built on top of that platforms existing features. Typically, platforms are licensed so you can include their features seamlessly as components of your application.

Do you understand what should be behind your platform choice?

The WillowEvolve.io platform can not only make your development project affordable, it can make it take much less time.

Getting Started

The WillowEvolve.io platform was designed to expedite your development process and help reduce the overall costs of development by providing robust features for the basic needs of an application. Our platform includes many features that enterprise applications require, and allow you to lean on those features to assist in the application development process. 

At this time, our platform is only supported by our internal development experts who are trained on the platform and how to implement its features in a software development lifecycle. However, after reaching the MVP stage of an application our platform and the application that is built on it can be worked on by any developers with the skills in the programming language and technology stack our platform is built on.

Getting started with our platform is simple, and a part of our mobile app or web application development process. We can make a quick determination if our platform would be a good fit for your project, and are able to quickly estimate what the cost savings would be if your project is implemented on our platform. We typically see anywhere from 25 to 35% reduction in overall cost of a software development project.

What is it like to be a WillowEvolve.ai Customer?

At WillowEvolve.ai we act as your representatives and consider our mobile application team your team. We align ourselves with your goals, and focus on achieving and supporting them on a daily basis. We deeply involve you in the decision making process to ensure that you are driving the direction of development and that things never feel “out of control.” 

Our project management systems allow you constant insights into not only progress in the project itself, but clear understanding of any problems, and how they will be solved to keep the project on track, on budget, and on time.

What To Know About The WillowEvolve.io Platform

How It Works

The WillowEvolve.io platform is written using the .NET 4.7.2 Framework and C#. Our mobile application infrastructure is written using Xamarin, either implemented using Xamarin Forms or Xamarin Native, depending on the needs of the mobile application. 

WillowEvolve.io was developed to work in conjunction with Microsoft Azure for cloud based applications, but can be run in a client server environment. Our preferred infrastructure is Microsoft Azure as there are many services that we can utilize to automate testing, deployment, and monitoring of the final application to reduce maintenance costs in the future.

The WillowEvolve.io Platform includes the following base modules:

  • User Account Management and Authentication, with third-party provider integrations including Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and BambooHR
  • Chat, Notification, and Messaging Features; including the ability to email and send SMS texts to users
  • Security and Rights Management that is designed to assist with complex navigation structures on both mobile and web
  • Dashboards and Data Reporting Infrastructure to allow the easy creation of new visuals and reports to process data better.
  • Built In Contact Management, Accounts Management, and Other Basic Data Modules.
  • A well planned software architecture process that reduces errors, questions about where code belongs, and makes future maintenance of the project much less expensive.
  • Well designed database management and data loading tools to allow easy data migrations, easy development of new data containers, and strong data repository solutions for highly scalable solutions.

Working with WillowEvolve.ai

The Evolve Process is a well-planned journey oriented toward achieving successful market placement. With that in mind, we like to share with everyone our process, and how we differ from typical industry standard practices (especially those that don’t always result in final success of the mobile application development process). WillowEvolve.ai follows a proprietary software development and planning process called the Evolve Process. 

Our goal with the WillowEvolve.io Platform and the Evolve Process is to help you quickly achieve a market ready product and to do it at significantly lower costs, and faster timelines than most organizations are able to achieve.

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