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Our specially developed products will give you and your team the edge over the competition by helping you to integrate artificial intelligence. These smart solutions handle everything from safety to smart shipping, even solutions that will make your retail business run like never before. And the best part is each solution will save you money… find out how below.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential With Smart Solutions.

Willow Evolve.ai is custom development company that does way more than just develop software. We offer a wide range of artificially intelligent products and solutions that can match your needs with minimal installation time and maximum return on investment. How can we possibly offer this much? Easy… we bring everything together into one smart dashboard where you can customize your needs and manage your own success.

Business is changing. Are you?


Need to improve your safety?

We have you covered with Edify.ai’s customizable safety platform. Implementation time is minimal, and the impact is powerful. Stop addressing accidents after they happen, use Artificial Intelligence to prevent them from ever happening at all.

Can you track your business's stats in real time?

Because we can do that for you in one easily accessed and managed place. Use the WillowEvolve.io dashboard to keep an up to date eye on how your business is doing and address any issues before they become problems.

How's your retail situation? Ever feel like you can't keep up?

We have that covered too. Willow Evolve.ai has a revolutionary approach to retail that will change the industry. We integrate artificial intelligence directly into your business and use it to weave everything together. Load products across all your platforms, manage your ad campaigns, even predict sales based on preexisting data from your own business! You won’t believe the difference.


Manage every aspect of your business in one easily accessed place.

Retail & E-Commerce

Bring your retail business to the next level with artificial intelligence.


Manage your full shipping operation effortlessly with our custom ai.


Service Industry

Manage your scheduling, client base, and productivity in one easy system.

How It Works

Consult with us. Sometimes our clients know what they need, sometimes they don’t. If you know what you want to address or what product will work for you thats awesome! We can talk about how we can make it happen for you. If not, our specially trained consultants can work with you to identify issues and come up with a solution that will work for your needs. 

Not every business is the same, so all of our products are customizable. Implementation usually takes around 30 days for regular installs, so you can be fully up and running extremely quickly. We license our products, so anything you have through us will never go out of date and will continue to grow as you grow. This makes adding new features or addressing any issues extremely easy, there is literally no downside.

Try before you buy. If you’re interested but not ready to commit just yet, we understand. You are welcome to try us out with the trial dashboard which will let you play with a minimal generic version of the willowevolve.io platform. This is the epicenter of any products you use or have built, so utilizing the trial will help you get to know our ai Willow as she gets to know you. 

Once you’re ready, any functionality above the base tracking can be added to your dashboard. You’ll be able to customize your needs fully and add or remove features as you go. Contact one of our representatives via the chat feature on the bottom right of your screen or below via the contact form. 

Customize your product. We pride ourselves on simple solutions that integrate easily and customize freely. This means that anything we build you will be able to add features without unnecessary time or cost, so keeping up with your business’s growth is easy. We believe that in order to stay competitive, companies need to be able to evolve, so we build our software products around that principal.


A Little About Us

Willow Evolve.ai was founded around the principal of designing for users. This makes us different because we start a project with a design plan and a finished product mockup. As a result, our build process is much faster and our developments tend to work and customize better.

What this means for our clients is an end product is delivered faster than expected and works better with less changes needing to be made. We do this for your ease as much as our own.


“I have been working with Willow Evolve for a few years now and through numerous projects. The reason I keep coming back is because they are laser focused on the end user experience first, and then building software that meets the end user’s needs and solves their problems. This sounds simple and obvious, but many software companies are focused more on building a really fancy back-end that can satisfy anything in the future…”

Cory Linton, CEO

“The direct conversations, dynamic and focused follow up, and weekly updates on the progress on our visual tools product with WillowevolveA1 has been important as we move to a MVP. They get the value of what we are attempting to do and understand the challenge of developing an APP that is simple for the user while powerful in the outcomes. “

David Hyerle, Ed.D

Other Design & Web Services

Website Solutions

If your website is under preforming, just plain ugly, or too much work, we can help. Website monitoring is built into the Willow Platform, but we can also offer you hosting, management, SEO, and much more.

Design & Branding

Branding is vital to the success of your company. It’s usually the first thing your clients come in contact with, and when done right can help to create loyalty. If you would like a consultation contact us below.

Intelligent Advertising

Even the best company needs good ad campaigns to build their client base. We will help you laser target your audiences and build ads best suited to your brand and market with artificial intelligence.

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